Testimonials from some of our recent clients:

"Kerrie Pickering masterfully manages our Adaptive Collaborative Risk Management research project. She has a unique gift to work at the nexus of scholarship and practice - engaging with academics in conceptual development and research design while concomitantly interacting with individuals from multiple sectors in a participatory community-based process. The high degree of organization and acute attention to detail allows her to function effectively and efficiently in a dynamic and fast paced project. Kerrie's personality (kind, humorous, straightforward) makes people at ease and her professionalism ensures success".

                    - Prof Ryan Plummer, Chancellor's Chair in Research Excellence, Brock University

" We had the pleasure of attending a workshop organized and facilitated by Green Health Global in December 2010. During the workshop, Kerrie demonstrated excellent abilities in working with a variegated set of stakeholders, and a strong drive to make these types of local planning processes a success. Being guests from abroad, Kerrie made sure we felt very comfortable and welcome, and helped us to effectively make our contribution".


                   - Dr. Dave Huitema, Coordinator, Research Cluster on Adaptive Governance, VU University Amsterdam


"Kerrie has been instrumental in establishing the successful Green Team Project at Welland Hospital - an initiative that seeks to bring responsible, sustainable practices into healthcare in Niagara. Kerrie's knowledge and passion have bridged gaps between what is ... and what is possible"

                   - Kevin Traynor, Hospitality Manager, Niagara Health System



" ... a real pleasure and a big learning experience ... many thanks again!"

                   - Constanze Haug, IVM Institute for Environmental Studies, The Netherlands



"Kerrie Pickering has worked as a contractor for Environment Canada's Adaptation and Impacts Research Section on our Niagara Climate change Study.  She is an excellent organizer and planner whose skills have contributed to the overall success of the project.  She earns top marks for her facilitation of both small and large focus group activities involving multiple and varied stakeholders".
                   - Brad May, Program Manager,  Environment Canada, Toronto