- Toward an environmentally sustainable future -


Welcome to Green Health Global.


We are an international consulting company helping a wide range of businesses, healthcare facilities/services to reduce operating costs, build customer satisfaction and increase employee loyalty through incorporating sustainability measures. Our services also include climate change planning, so when extreme weather events occur you can keep functioning.


Sustainability Plans and benefits


We work with you to create a personalized plan so your company can show measureable results in environmental sustainability.

Our sustainability plans begin with small measures that give immediate savings. 

Reduced opaerational costs

Businesses with sustainability plans reduce operating costs through decreasing energy use, less waste generation and removal, increased efficientcy and decreased input requirements. Savings can begin immediately, measure may seem small but their impact is significant on your bottom line.


Employee satisfaction and loyality

Sustainability plans include measurable outcomes that can be shared with employees to show the reduced impact on the environment. Employees will stay with a company they believe is helping the enviroment and community, even if it means a reduced income. Adults between 20-40 years look at the environmental record of a company before deciding to apply for employment, they rate environmental sustainability as important as salary. Companies demonstrating environmental and social responsibilty have greater employee loyality and satisfaction keeping their employees longer. People want to work for businesses making a positive change.


Increased customers

Customers are more willing to buy or use a service from a company that demonstrates enviromental sustainability. Over 84% of Americans think about the environmental sustainability of a company before purchasing. Over 75% of North Americans believe their purchasing choices make a difference to the environment. Having a sustainability plan and showing results increases customers choosing your company.


Increased customer satisfaction and loyality

Consumers believe a business has a responsibility to the community, they remain loyal to those who show how they are helping and having a positive impact. Customers will switch to companies/brands demonstrating better environmental performance even if it means paying more . 90% of North Americans will stop buying products if they learn of a company's irresponsible business practices but the same customers will tolerate imperfections if the company is honest about its efforts.


Climate Change Plans


Using the latest climatic data and modelling we first assess your risks and vulnerabilities. Then working together we create a plan to reduced risks and maintain operations when extreme weather events occur. Companies can show these plans to their insurance provider to demonstrate due diligence.


Other services offered include:


- corporate and government policy development


- 'greening' healthcare


- community participatory systems


- project management


- staff and executive training and workshops


- conducting qualitative and quantitative research




We care deeply about the planet and your needs; work with us to create an environmentally sustainable future.